Special Events

In addition to our own instructor led workshops and intensives, Maine Center for Taijiquan hosts a variety of nationally and internationally known Taiji & Qigong masters throughout the year. We also host free extended practice sessions and other community gatherings.
Students within and outside the Center’s community are encouraged to attend.


WORKSHOP announcement:
Taijiquan: Fundamentals, Forms, & Function with Jason
Saturday December 9th, 9:00am-12:00 noon.
$45 advance $55 door

This workshop is an introduction to essential elements of traditional and evidence-based Taiji training with a focus on fundamentals of cultivating Qi, energetic/physical integration & deepening mind/body awareness.

Workshop content will be focused on learning, practicing and exploring simple qigong exercises that serve as a solid foundation for any Taiji form practice.

All are welcome and beginners are encouraged to attend.

General themes and topics will include:

Cultivating Qi (prana, life-force)

    • Qigong / Taijiquan relationship
    • The four primary “Jings” (energies) in Taiji
    • Stillness informing motion & vice versa
    • Agility and adaptive footwork
    • Whole body integration/power
    • Fun, gentle, non competitive partner training
Jason Ames has been studying Chinese internal arts since 1996 and is the founder/owner of Maine Center for Taijiquan in Portland. He has the privilege of training extensively with many high level masters and continuously strives to improve his understanding of the arts and to make them accessible to anyone wishing to learn. He teaches full time throughout southern Maine.