About us

A unique collective of experienced, dedicated, and well-qualified instructors, Maine Center for Taijiquan & Qigong is committed to providing quality instruction and practice of internal arts for health improvement, athletic enhancement, and martial purposes.

As Maine’s most comprehensive resource for Taijiquan & Qigong training, the Center offers morning, midday, and evening classes for all levels and abilities.

Inclusive and diverse in our approach to teaching and learning, we believe the practice of internal arts such as Taiji and Qigong can empower individuals of all ages and abilities to prevent disease, stimulate one’s own role in maintaining health, and foster higher athletic performance and self-defense abilities.

Whether you consider yourself a curious beginner, casual novice, or a dedicated expert of Taijiquan, we welcome your participation in our programs.

Over the past 10–15 years, taijiquan and qigong has become a subject of increasing interest to medical researchers, and a growing body of scientific evidence supports the myriad health benefits claimed. This research is spurring relevant shifts in healthcare systems, which increasingly place more emphasis on proactive self-care and disease prevention.

Practiced anywhere, by persons of all ages and physical abilities, Taiji and qigong are rapidly becoming recognized as valuable methods for increasing & maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

Peer reviewed scientific studies have reported that various forms of qigong are effective in improving:

Primary potential benefits of Taiji Secondary potential benefits of Taiji Holistic potential benefits of Taiji 
• Immune function • Digestion/bowel function • Avoidance or repair of stress related injuries
• Arthritis pain • Cardio-respiratory function • Social interaction/sense of community
• Sleep quality • Immune system function • Awareness (cognitive & somatic, spiritual)
• Reducing stress • Prevention or treatment of arthritis • Acceptance
• Quality of life • Pain Management • Resilience
• Flexibility, range of motion • Cognitive function (attention, concentration, memory) • Spiritual development (calmness/tranquility/serenity)
• Postural control/balance  • Prevention of osteoporosis
• Core strength, Force control, agility