MCT teaching staff is an eclectic group of instructors who bring their unique understanding and passion to teaching. Having been trained according to his or her own interests and goals, each instructor openly offers their knowledge of this art while recognizing the foundational principles that are maintained in every style of Taijiquan.

MCT’s continuous investment in teacher training from a wide variety of high level Taiji Master trainers, along with dedicated personal practice, affords the Center a wide base of collective knowledge that informs student development. Although not a traditional format, we believe that student access to a diverse collective of teachers is a unique strength of MCT and allows students to gain a multitude of perspectives and insights that help shape their own personal appreciation of the art.
A genuine and deep respect for the art of Taijiquan, along with fun camaraderie among our instructors and students makes MCT a wonderful place to learn and we welcome you.

IMG_6045 - Version 2Jason Ames
Founder and owner of Maine Center for Taijiquan, Jason was office manager and a principal instructor at the Full Circle Synergy School of Tai Chi Chuan between 2001 and 2011. A full time Taiji & Qigong instructor teaching throughout Southern Maine, he is currently teaching at: MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers, Cancer Community Center, Portland Adult Ed., S.Portland Parks & Rec. & MCT.
“My life and the course it takes is profoundly influenced by the practice of Taijiqian and Qigong. I consider Taiji practice the greatest and most profoundly influential force for self-improvement and self-discovery in my life. While continuously deepening and refining my personal understanding of this sophisticated art, in my teaching I strive for simplicity as a way to make it accessible to anyone wishing to learn. The complexity and meaning naturally unfold for each student as they progress”.
Influential teachers: Dr. Yang Yang, Don Miller, William C.C. Chen, Ian Gamble, Master Duan Zhiliang, Kenneth Cohen, Dr. Paul Lam, Francesco Garripoli, Yun Xiang Tseng.
Current practice includes:Hunyuan Chen style 48 Form, C.C. Chen Yang style Forms, Evidence-based Taiji & Qigong curriculums, Dr. Paul Lams Taiji for Energy, Zhan Zhuang, Silk Reeling Qigong, Primordial Qigong, Chen style Saber forms, and Push Hands.
Began training: 1996
Began teaching: 2001
Certifications: Dr. Yang’s Evidence-Based Taijiquan & Qigong, Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Energy Program,  American Heart Association First Aid & CPR

Version 2Paula Mueller

Paula is an avid kayaker, mountain climber, cross country skier, and outdoor adventurer. She has taught in a variety of community settings including continuing education courses for heath care professionals on the benefits of Taiji for balance and wellness.
“I enjoys the challenge of teaching a variety of students and making taiji accessible to all, acknowledging that we are all different and have different learning styles and physical abilities.  My goal is for my students to develop a good understanding of taiji and qigong foundations and principles that can be applied to practice and daily life“.
Influential teachers: Dr.Yang Yang
Current practice includes: Hunyuan Chen style 48 Form, Evidence-based Taiji curriculum, Chen Style Saber form and Qigong,
began training: 1990
began teaching: 2002
Certifications: Physical Therapist, Dr. Yang’s Evidence-Based Taijiquan & Qigong,

Version 2Alex Wong
Alex works for a non-profit dedicated to assisting all public water systems in providing safe drinking water.  A cellist in his spare time, Alex shares his life with wife, 3 cats and their black lab.
“I practice taiji because it makes me happy. My teaching style is informal and dedicated to fostering self-discovery. I like to teach my students how to teach themselves”.
Influential teachers: Ian Gamble, Don Miller,  Master William C. C. Chen, and  Dr. Paul Lam
Current practice includes: Master William C.C. Chen’s Yang Short Form, Dr. Paul Lams Taiji for Energy, Primordial Qigong
Began training:  2000
Began teaching: 2005
Certifications: Instructor of Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Energy and Tai Chi for Arthritis, Practice group leader for Roger Janke’s Tai Chi Easy, American Heart Association First Aid & CPR


Version 2Karen Rendall
A full time non-profit business manager and part time administrative assistant at Maine Center for Taijiquan, Karen began studying taijiquan in 2002, and in 2009 became a teaching assistant at Full Circle Synergy. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time quiet time at her home in the Sebago Lakes region with friends and family.
“In addition to my passion for Taiji Sword and Saber forms, I enjoy exploring the yin/yang balance between the health benefits I gain and the martial aspects of Taijiquan”
Current practice includes: Yang Taijiquan, Yang style Taiji Sword & Saber, I’Chuan Qigong, Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan.
Influential teachers:Ian Gamble, Andrew Bloom, Susan Cromwell, Elmo MacKay, William C.C. Chen, Scott M. Rodell, and Don Miller.
Current practice includes: William C.C. Chen’s 60 Movement Yang Style Short, Yang style Taiji Sword & Saber, boxing, and Qigong.
Began training: 2002
Began teaching: 2011
Certifications:Instructor of Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Energy Program and Practice leader for Roger Janke’s Tai Chi Easy program, American Heart Association First Aid & CPR

 Version 2Susan Cromwell 
An acupuncturist running her practice in Westbrook, Susan began studying taiji in 1994 and has continuously explored her love of taiji and qigong since. Susan holds a particular interest in Chinese meridian science, and how unique forms of qigong & Taiji express and move qi within the body/mind/spirit differently.
“As an acupuncturist, I love to bring my understanding of energetics and Chinese medicine to my teaching and exploration of taiji and qigong. 
I am trilled to see Qigong, which is an important branch of Chinese medicine, help many students gain substantial improvements in health and well being and love to witness the development their own qigong practice”.
Influential teachers: Ian Gamble, Gene Golden, William CC Chen, Don Miller and Jeffrey Yuen
Current practice includes: Soaring Crane Qigong, Healing Sounds Qigong and Yang Style Taijiquan
Began training: 1994
Began teaching: 1998
Certifications: Licensed Acupuncturist (5 Elements Theory)

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