Fees & policies


4 week: $60
6 week: $90
8 week: $120
10 week: $150
12 week: $180
Regular drop-in: $16
Open enrollment joining mid-term are prorated at $15/class.
10% discount for seniors (65+)
10% discount for 2+ classes
(3rd party sponsored class rates and may differ.)
TO REGISTER for classes call 207-780-9581 or email at info@mainetaiji.com

Private instruction and 3rd party on-site employee wellness programs are available . Please see instructor about scheduling and fees.

Refunds of $15 per class are calculated at the time the cancellation request is received, not the day the last class was attended.  There is a $25 non-refundable deposit.  Tuition cannot be carried over to a later session (exceptions must be approved by instructor).

Missed classes may be made up in any other class within the same class session. Make-ups may happen in advance of an anticipated absence.  Missed classes cannot be carried over to another session.  We encourage you to use make-ups as an opportunity to explore the many offerings at the center.

Classes are not held on most conventional holidays. Please ask your instructor if you are uncertain.