In their own words.

MCT students’ testimonials.

I have never set foot in MCT without being taken on a wonderful journey through body, mind and the integration of both. –Jonah B.

Six years ago I began taji to become a better horseback rider. And I have. I have also fallen in love with taiji for its own sake. I love the gentle but effective physical workout, the mental challenge, the meditative aspect, and the potential for growth and deepening understanding. I’ve studied under several instructors at MCT, and they have all been knowledgeable, supportive, and honor individual differences and limitations. MCT is truly a place for lifelong learning.
-Janet M.

As an elderly woman, I have found in Taiji an aerobic exercise that has improved my upper body strength and my balance and greatly expanded my breathing, awareness and function that is also a path to meditation and-ultimately- relaxation.
-Linda M.

After undergoing surgery and treatment for cancer, qi gong practice has awakened in me the possibility of recovery and hope. The practice is strengthening and energizing—both physically and emotionally. And fun! Thank you.
-Jane B.

I have been in Maine for five years after moving from Boston where I did two years of tai chi. I tried tai chi at two different places in southern Maine but it just was not a good fit for me. I found MCT about a year ago and knew after the first class that I had found a special place.

Mr. Ames is a wonderful teacher, he makes you feel so welcome in class and has so much knowledge about the art of tai chi. I have been in four of his classes and plan on staying with Mr. Ames at MCT for a long time. He always takes time with every student so all of us have a clear understanding of what we are doing. He has the ability to make something like tai chi that is very complex feel easy to learn and does it with a sense of humor as well. I hope to continue a long relationship with MCT.
Donal K.

In 4 years of qigong first at Maine Center For Taijiquan, a spiritual theme stands out for me. In both the EBT and Chen Style 48 classes, my instructor has carefully and gently differentiated key concepts o the art. Just as in ancient alchemy, where opposites are combined to create a more perfect being, so in qigong one action or position is followed by its opposite. This idea helped me understand how to do the forms initially. In time I came to realize that all opposites are like the forms of qi; just as heavenly qi and earthly qi combine to establish balance in our bodies, minds and spirits, these opposites are all either yin or yang, and they create part of the balance I have been seeking in my life. The “a-hah!” moment came when I realized that this inner balance comes through physical movement (practice of qigong), not mental effort. So the familiar yin-yang symbol has developed a deeper meaning for me. This balance and this meaning are results of studying qigong at MCT, and it has become a life-long, life-giving activity.
-Peter C.

I started Tai Chi practice at MCT over 6 years ago for one reason only, my neurologist recommended it for movement and balance. I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and was willing to try anything that would help me retain as much normalcy as possible. At that point I was losing coordination and had already given up some of my favorite activities like winter hiking and backcountry skiing.

My initial apprehensions over joining the first class were quickly set aside. The atmosphere was always warm and accepting. We were told if something hurt or didn’t feel right to just not do it! If I couldn’t spin around on one leg, then walk around! How refreshing! Nothing but acceptance and made to feel good about wherever I was in my own particular journey.

Another thing that impressed me about the MCT community was the willingness of those who were more advanced to share with those of us with less knowledge and ability. There is also recognition that everybody has different needs at different times in their development. When I initially came in I couldn’t imagine getting into “push hands” yet now 3 years later it is my favorite class and has helped tremendously in my balance and motor activity. The neurologists at Massachusetts General Hospital never fail to comment how my stability has actually increased over time; it is expected to go the other way!

Although I have no experience at other schools I have been singularly impressed with the level and breadth of training available from the staff at MCT. The school has been able to attract nationally known Masters of the Art, William Chen, Don Miller, and most inspirationally to me, Dr. Yang Yang. I have always been amazed and humbled when I see one of the Masters making fine point adjustments with one of my instructors in front of their students with total acceptance and appreciation for helping them expand their knowledge. I am now proud to be studying in a long line of Tai Chi instructors. My profound thanks to all of my teachers at MCT.
Larry P.