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Class Descriptions

Beginner & All Level Classes


This class offers a great starting place for anyone new to Taiji and will emphasize the practice and cultivation of various energy exercises with a particular focus on building vitality and health. Potential benefits include improved balance, range of motion, and core strength, in addition to pain management and decreased stress and anxiety. Qigong translates as “internal energy work or skill,” and refers to a broad range of gentle, mind/body/spirit integrative exercises that can include dynamic movement, standing, sitting, and breath work. Qigong is also the foundation of the art of Taijiquan. Open to all levels of experience, including beginners.



EBT is a comprehensive program for beginners that offers a solid foundation for further study in any style of Taiji. The program is designed to offer “the most important aspects of traditional training that will yield the greatest measured benefit in the shortest amount of time.” The result of Dr. Yang Yang’s extensive training with grandmasters of the Chen style and his research studying the mechanisms and benefits of Taijiquan and Qigong practice, you will learn and practice:  essential static and dynamic qigong exercises; and a seven-form sequence that is challenging yet adaptable to suit all levels. Instructors are certified by Dr. Yang Yang.


Gentle flow and simple movement invite the Qi of life to be known and enjoyed.  The experience of body/mind and heart working together in synchrony with the breath allows the life-force to grow and sustain us. Traditional Qigong practices will be taught and sequences learned in a forgiving and natural atmosphere of good cheer and good fun!


Developed by Taiji Master David-Dorian Ross, Taijifit classes are the most unique work out to come along in decades. TaijiFit is a mind/body “exercise” that combines the best of traditional Taiji (Tai Chi) with modern Western fitness. It’s a workout appropriate for any age or fitness level – and has you experiencing the FLOW of Taiji whether it’s your first class or 100th. There are no routines to learn, or set choreography to remember. Instead, class members follow an instructor trained in a method known as “Qi Cueing” – designed to bring your muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems into perfect synergy―along with your mind and Spirit. TaijiFit is a special kind of movement experience that meets all your fitness needs… and more. It’s more than just an exercise. It is also a moving meditation, a shield against disease, and a beautiful sensual dance that can make you sweat and smile at the same time. 

Intermediate & Advanced Classes


Composed of sixty movements and taught over a 9-12 month period, the form’s sequence is a 10-15 minute moving meditation. This lineage of Yang style form was developed and evolved by William C.C. Chen and is characterized by slow, small to medium sized expressions performed at a consistent pace in a medium to high stance.  Yang style Taiji is suitable for all ages and easily allows for modifications due to physical limitations. 



Focus is on the essential 48 movements that comprise the first routine in (Hunyuan) Chen style Taijiquan as taught by master teacher Dr. Yang Yang, senior student of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. In addition to the mechanics of the forms, the class helps students focus more deeply on the primary internal energetics and intentions with their movement. The forms are characteristically very big & circular in the beginning. Static & dynamic qigong are also emphasized as essential skill developing methods. Prerequisite: competency with the EBT curriculum.



Stimulating and exciting but not “competitive” in the usual sense, Push Hands classes focus on self-nurturing while growing with others. Working in pairs, students learn to release excess tension while engaged with dynamic interactive movement. Activities include partner engagement, sensitivity, neutralization, yielding, and rooting as well as cultivation of sensitive, efficient and controlled use of force. 



This class introduces students to sword training by exploring fundamental elements of both jian (double edged sword) and dao (saber or single edged sword). We will study and practice basic cuts of each technique through solo practice, agility training, and simple 2 person sword drills. Wooden practice swords will be used for the entire 4 week session, you may bring your own or use a MCT wooden practice sword. Those interested should have a basic understanding of taiji principles and/or form work as we will be building on those skills. 



Guaranteed to be fun and challenging in a non-competitive and safe setting, this class teaches and explores Taiji from its roots as a martial art. Rather than learning a set form, students learn the principle movements of Taiji and practice their internal dynamics with drills, games, and guided solo practice. Students receive individualized attention, as each participant has different goals and comfort levels. Some Taiji or qigong experience is suggested but not mandatory.

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