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  • How do I become a site member, register and attend online classes?"
    video tutorial coming soon!
  • What is the difference between Taiji and Qigong?
    Qigong: Developed to gently build strength, range of motion, and concentration, qigong practice enhances and refines mental, physical and spiritual awareness through standing, sitting and supine (laying down) exercises. Some qigong exercises are relatively still, quiet, and meditative, while others are active and dynamic. The movements are varied and easy to follow. Qigong is considered the foundation for Taijiquan form practice and is at the heart of personal energy cultivation. Taijiquan (Taiji for short): Taiji can be understood as an active progression of Qigong movements sequenced together. The sequence is referred to as a form. The movements build upon one another and some movements repeat throughout the form.
  • I'm completely new, where should I begin?"
    Taiji and qigong help you to connect with the inherent intelligence of your unique being and to nurture yourself, regardless of age, ability, or experience. Jump in to a class and discover this for yourself! You may want to consider the following: • As you read the course descriptions, what interests you? Qigong offers individual movement exercises, while taiji classes teach a longer form or sequence of movement. • You are welcome to join any beginner or all-level class at any time. These classes are often a comfortable place to start. • While beginner classes introduce basic movement principles, all of MCT’s classes help make movement feel enjoyable, accessible, and fun. So if an intermediate or advanced program piques your interest, you are welcome to attend the class. Feel free to check with an MCT instructor if you have questions!
  • What are the benefits of being a member?
    Memberships offer students more class opportunities, personal support, and access to exclusive online content. Members enjoy: • Unlimited monthly Qigong & Taijiquan classes • 10% Off Workshops & Merchandise • 10% Off Private Instruction & Studio rentals • Exclusive online content (video support) • What a great way to access the supports you need to cultivate wellness, balance, & ease!
  • I see that some of MCT’s classes are referred to as ‘evidence-based’ taiji or qigong. What does this mean?
    Our studio offers Evidence-based Taiji (EBT) classes as a regular part of its curriculum. EBT was developed by internationally renowned Taiji teacher Dr. Yang Yang. Utilizing scientific (peer reviewed) controlled, longitudinal studies and randomized controlled trials, Master Yang was able to develop Taiji and Qigong movement forms that have been shown to benefit healthy older adults in the following specific ways: • Increased lower body strength; • Improved force control (a neurological function that enables us to control our flow of movement and take weight); • Improved functional balance; • Improved vestibular function (a mechanism of improved balance); • Improved immune function (response to flu vaccine); • And complex, holistic benefits combining the five dimensions of experience: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Try one of our EBT classes and discover the benefits for yourself!
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