Tai Chi classes for Veterans 

         As a VA CCN provider, TaijiFit™ is committed to serving Veterans by providing them with exceptional assistance and support.



1. Request an appointment with VA Primary Care Physician, you can request a face-to-face, video, or telephone         

    appointment with PCP via https://www.myhealth.va.gov/mhv-portal-web/home

2. Requests a Tai Chi Community Consult. If you choose me, give them the following information: Jason Ames of Maine 

    Center for Tai Chi, NPI #1194371369 phone #207-780-9581. If no provider is specified, Office of Community Care will call        you and conduct a provider search based on the closest provider to your home address.


3. PCP initiates consult if justified as treatment for the veteran’s condition which  include but are not limited to:     

    Joint/Chronic Pain, Exercise/Weight Loss, Mental Health/Cognitive Function, Cancer Survivorship, Arthritis/Mobility,     

    Physical Therapy, Cardiac/Pulmonary Health, Diabetes


4. Office of Community Care activates, processes and finalizes consult by:

      - Confirming provider has been identified for veteran services

      - Provides veteran’s packet to provider,

      - Initial packet is without an appointment date


5. Tai Chi Provider and Veteran schedule appointments (classes)


VA CCN brings together the health care services of the Veterans Health Administration and supplements them with the network of community health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide timely access to high-quality health care.

*Any Veteran who is eligible to receive care in the community network may be issued a referral from the VA to attend Tai Chi classes via Taijifit™️.  Taijifit™️ is the sole network manager​ of Tai Chi classes via the Community Care Network.

Maine Center for Taiji (Tai Chi) & Qigong

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