Taijiquan classes for Veterans 

         As a VA CCN provider, TaijiFit™ is committed to serving Veterans by providing them with exceptional assistance and support.
FREE online classes held every Friday morning at 9:00am
-Veterans contact us to receive your access info-
There will be many more online classes for Veterans coming very soon.


VA CCN brings together the health care services of the Veterans Health Administration and supplements them with the network of community health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide timely access to high-quality health care.

*Any Veteran who is eligible to receive care in the community network may be issued a referral from the VA to attend Tai Chi classes via Taijifit™️.  Taijifit™️ is the sole network manager​ of Tai Chi classes via the Community Care Network.

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Maine Center for Taiji (Tai Chi) & Qigong

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