Tai Chi classes for Veterans 

         As a VA CCN provider, TaijiFit™ is committed to serving Veterans by
providing them with exceptional assistance and support.



1. Request an appointment with your VA Primary Care Physician, you can request a face-to-face, video, or telephone appointment with PCP via https://www.myhealth.va.gov/mhv-portal-web/home

2. Requests a Tai Chi Community Consult. If you choose me, give them the following information: Jason Ames of Maine Center for Tai Chi, NPI #1194371369 phone #207-780-9581

If no provider is specified, Office of Community Care will call you and conduct a provider search based on the closest provider to your home address.


3. PCP initiates consult if justified as treatment for the veteran’s condition which include but are not limited to: Joint/Chronic Pain, Exercise/Weight Loss, Mental Health/Cognitive Function, Cancer Survivorship, Arthritis/Mobility, Physical Therapy, Cardiac/Pulmonary Health, Diabetes


4. Office of Community Care activates, processes and finalizes consult by:

      - Confirming provider has been identified for veteran services

      - Provides veteran’s packet to provider,

      - Initial packet is without an appointment date


5. Tai Chi Provider and Veteran schedule appointments (online or in-person classes)

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*Any Veteran who is eligible to receive care in the community network may be issued a consult from the VA to attend Tai Chi classes via Taijifit™️.  Taijifit™️ is the sole network manager​ of Tai Chi classes via the Community Care Network.